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Welcome to the era of specialization!
ICoFP offers a range of cutting edge e-finance course which helps strengthen the profile & knowledge of professionals across the country. These e-learning courses are a perfect blend of self learning interactive material, live virtual classes, mock tests, discussion forms & faculty interactive desk.


Certified Financial Planner CM

This certification is rated as Gold Standard by Wall Street Journal. This is the most prestigious and internationally accepted qualification. This e-learning course is a perfect blend of self interactive


Mutual Fund (NISM)

This course offers you a platform to understand mutual funds as a product in an interactive format. It providesthe knowledge about various types of mutual fund and investor need analysis. It also covers


Financial Planning

This e-learning course on financial planning is designed to help you plan your finances. Basic concepts of financial planning, goals settings and maximizing assets are discussed in an interactive format. The course


Capital Market

This module equips you with the knowledge and skills required for dealers in capital market operations. It explains the trading mechanism in Indian Stock Market and a brief understanding of financial statements. Only persons who have passed


Estate Planning

This e-learning course covers various aspects of Estate Planning. The course will focus on importance of will, law of will, etc. It also covers types of trusts, Hindu law of succession, transfer of property, power of attorney and


Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning

This e-learning course introduces insurance and different types of risk against which insurance is provided. It explains the concept of life insurance and various types of life insurance policies and describes the process to


Tax Planning

This module would serve to enhance and cover the knowledge requirements relating to tax planning. This module covers ethical considerations in tax planning and dangers of tax evasion. Elaborately describes the incomes under various


Retirement Planning

This module would cover the knowledge requirements relating to retirement planning and employee benefits for a CFP professional. The emphasis is on the process of wealth creation and the retirement planning


Investment Planning

This e-learning course primarily focuses on the varied instruments of investments like Equities, Bonds, Property as well as derivatives in an interactive manner which can be easily understood by the students